Cloud 9+ & Debrec’N’Bass concert

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Date: Friday 25th of April

Venue: Roncsbár (27. Csapó street)

Cloud 9+ introduced themselves in 2013 with their song ’Supernova’, which turned out to be a great hit on both Youtube and in the Hungarian radio stations.

The group of five merges live rock/hiphop music with electronic drum ’n’ bass and dubstep. The tight drums base with heavy bass toppings seasoned with effected guitar riffs characterize the musical foundations of Cloud 9+. The frontmen’s harmonic singing completes the unique sensation the band offers. Their videoclip for the hit song ’Breathe In’ continues to gain a massive fan base for the formation.

Alongside this main event you can also get acquainted with Debrecen’s vibrant electronic music scene, courtesy of the Debrec’N’Bass group.

Tickets are on sale at Roncs Bar for 1500 HUF until Friday, 1800 HUF when entry.

For more details and information visit the facebook page of the event:

Everyone is welcome at the concert!

Check it:

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