The Finale Can Be Seen With English Subtitles in the Csokonai Forum


The Finale will be played with English subtitles on October 30th from 7 p.m. in the Árpád Kóti hall of the Csokonai Forum.

A YouTube channel caught the attention of writer and director Andrea Pass and prompted her to write: “I started watching the videos because there was something deeply disturbing about it all, I wanted to understand it. What this particular channel conveys is the desired perfection, beauty, prosperity, love, and harmony for many. Then I ran into a TikTok actor, which is the other end of the scale of self-centered content producers, the kind of media actor who, thanks to his spectacular vulnerability and fallibility, quickly became a target for viewers. These two endpoints made me interested in how I can portray them as the two endpoints of an almost mythical story in a drama.”

The third “protagonist”, the socially vulnerable boy who is always searching for the truth, who is sold by commercial television as a stupid child, is somewhere in the middle of the story. This is how the strange universe of social media characters is assembled, which does not let go of the viewer’s attention. Anna Ráckevei, Imre Gelányi, Tamás Herczeg, János Mercs, Adrienn Réti, Hella Tolnai, Zsófia Wessely and Benett Vilmányi present a moving story about the impact of the media industry, the hunger for sensation, and the matrix of the virtual world.

Photo: Máté Bartha

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