Florida Woman Killed By Alligators After She Fell Into a Lake on a Golf Course


An elderly woman has died after falling into a lake on a Florida golf course and being attacked by two alligators, ABC News reports.

The accident happened on Friday night at Boca Royale Golf and Country Club in Englewood. The club is located in a 1,000-hectare closed community area with lakes and nature reserves.

“While the woman was in the water, two alligators were spotted near her and eventually grabbed her”- the Sarasota Sheriff’s Office described the incident.

In their statement, they also wrote that the woman struggled with the animals and tried to stay on the surface of the water. The alligators were removed from the lake after the incident.

Fatal alligator bites are rare, especially if the animals are not provoked. A total of 442 cases of alligator bites in Florida between 1948 and 2021 resulted in only 26 deaths. In the past ten years, an average of eight such attacks per year required medical attention.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the odds of someone in the state being seriously injured in an unprovoked alligator attack are roughly one in 3.1 million.


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