Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck even stipulated in their marriage contract how many times a week they should have sex


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are finally married. However, the lovers were not blinded by love, they concluded a serious marriage contract covering all the details.

Affleck had previously stepped aside when they were together, so to prevent this from happening again, the agreement also stated that if the actor cheats on Lopez, his wife will be entitled to half of his properties during the divorce.

According to an acquaintance, the new wife does not want to make money out of this, of course, but just wants to ensure that her husband does not cheat on her. But that’s not all, their marriage contract also reportedly states how many times a week the couple should have sex. According to some information, they have to sleep together at least four times a week, but what happens if one of them does not comply with this is not reported in the news.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck said the happy yes in a simple ceremony in Las Vegas a week and a half ago.

Photo: Instagram/jlo

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