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General practitioners in Debrecen have joined their forces and almost all the GPs above the age of 65 have agreed to be in contact by means of telecommunication. It is important to note that patients can reach their doctors on the usual telephone numbers.

The Municipality of Debrecen is asking people to be so kind as to contact the consulting rooms of their GPs and paediatricians only by telephone, where the GPs and paediatricians as well as the healthcare personnel are available during the usual consulting hours.

Most of the GPs and paediatricians over the age of 65 agreed to continue to work in the form of remote medical consultations. If the patient still has to visit the consulting room after the telephone consultation, s/he will be received by the usual locum doctor. This cannot come as a surprise for the patient, as his or her own GP already provided information on the situation during their telephone conversation.

For epidemiological reasons and in order to minimise the number of doctor-patient meetings, the persons seeking medical care need to register via telephone, before visiting the consulting room. Medications are prescribed electronically.

During the period of the emergency, only urgent dental problems can be treated in the framework of basic dental care.  Preregistering, consultation and date appointment are required vie telephone in every case!

The telephone numbers and consulting hours of GP, paediatric and dental practices can be found by clicking here (on hungarian language).



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