„We Hungarians Are Not History’s Supporting Actors!”

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A commemoration ceremony was held in Debrecen on the occasion of the 62nd anniversary of the execution of Imre Nagy, Prime Minister of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and Freedom Fight and his fellow martyrs, and of the 31st anniversary of their reburial.

The Municipality of Debrecen and the Hajdú-Bihar County Organisation of the Nagy Imre Society organised wreath-laying events at the commemorative plaque of Imre Nagy in Kossuth Street, Debrecen, and at that of József Szilágyi, his personal assistant from Debrecen, in Péterfia Street, on 16 June 2020. The Municipality of Debrecen was represented by Vice Mayor Lajos Barcsa at the events. Representatives of the city and county municipalities, the Hungarian Army, the offices, FIDESZ-KDNP, social and civil organisations placed their wreaths of honour at the venues.



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