The president of the Tündérkör Foundation in Debrecen received huge recognition

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The leaders of a charity foundation for poor children in Debrecen and a mission to help couples received the Kopp-Skrabski Prize of the Three Princes and Three Princesses Foundation this year. Thursday’s appreciation ceremony was held online due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Since 2017, the foundation has been rewarding those who work for the well-being of families and the happiness of children. The award is named after Mária Kopp, a doctor, and Árpád Skrabski, a sociologist.

The Three Princes, Three Princesses Movement is led by one of the daughters of the Kopp-Skarbski couple, Fruzsina Skrabski, who said their goal is to help build a society full of trust, and the award also has the role of introducing people who know about it and their lives.

This year, the awards were given to Ferenc “Zsé” Tóth, President of the Tündérkör Foundation in Debrecen, and Gábor Muzslai and Etelka Muzslai, leaders of the 2 = 1 Family Support and Marriage Mission Foundation.

The Tündérkör Foundation, led by Ferenc “Zsé” Tóth, a special education assistant, helps children in need in Debrecen and the surrounding area. The winner himself grew up with a difficult fate and was raised in state care.

Among other things, the child and family support organization organizes Christmas gatherings, charity runs, candy-collecting flashmobs and maintains a constant food service, making it one of the most innovative non-profit organizations in Hungary.

Activists of the Tündérkör Foundation carry the donations with their own cars.

The Muzslai couple with eleven children, as the Hungarian leader of the 2 = 1 Family Support and Marriage Mission Foundation, provides counseling to married couples on the renewal of marriage and the parent-child relationship. They give lectures to young people about responsible sexuality, preparing them for a responsible relationship and then marriage. The lectures and books of Gábor Muzslai and Etelka Muzslai are already known beyond the borders, their biblical teaching and helping activities are topical and practical for today’s people.

Audience award winners were also chosen from this year’s 18 nominees. Award-winning Habarics Kitty is a writer, poet, graphic artist who presents “a thousand wonderful faces of motherhood, the beauty of being a child” through her books and drawings. Sándor Pintér and his wife, Helga Lehotzky, both pediatricians, received an audience award. Sándor Pintér has been serving the Szeged Newborn Life Saving Service for 26 years, which has already taken part in saving the lives of about 25,000 premature babies, and the use of the first transport incubators can be linked to his name. In addition to healing, Helga Lehotzky provides professional and human assistance to many anxious parents and sick children and young people.

The Three Princes, Three Princesses Movement pays tribute to the life of Mária Kopp, a doctor and psychologist who died in 2012, and sociologist and demographer Árpád Skrabski, who died in 2009. The couple has published several joint works, among others on relationships, the search for happiness, or the sociology of education. Mária Kopp is named after the government’s institute for population issues, established in 2018.

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