Happy World Water Day!

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Observed on March 22 since the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, World Water Day aims to raise awareness of one of our most precious and, at the same time, most vulnerable natural treasures. Ample quantities of unpolluted water are essential for both ecosystems and our communities; there are, however, over two billion people without regular access to save drinking water and countless habitats in danger of drought worldwide. Therefore, the fate of current and future generations as well as that of wildlife hinges upon the conscious and sustainable management of this vital resource.

The health of water habitats or, more specifically, sustainable use of marine resources is in focus of

Which Fish Campaign, a 2020-2021 conservation campaign launched by the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA). Over 75 percent of the world’s fisheries are fully exploited or overfished, with 9.1 tons of unwanted bycatch thrown out every year. At this rate, food fisheries may totally collapse by as early as 2050. According to EAZA, it is now time to really think about which fish to choose for human and animal consumption as well as for our zoo and aquarium collections – hence the name of the campaign.
How do we – and how can you – contribute?
As a full member of EAZA, we have also joined Which Fish?. By the time we will be setting up a new souvenir vending machine in our Palm House, selling Which Fish?-themed coins in support of campaign projects aimed at creating an enforcing Marine Protected Areas, conducting research into sustainable alternatives to marine products, and helping zoos and aquariums throughout Europe adopt more sustainable feeding and collection planning practices.

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