The municipality of Debrecen fights against heat with steam gates and water distribution

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The city will help citizens withstand the heat with steam gates, watering roads and distributing drinking water, the municipality said.

In the center of Debrecen, the local government installed a steam gate at three locations (Kossuth Square, next to the Reformed Small Church, ie the Truncated Church, and Dósa Nádor Square). Air conditioning operates continuously on the bus routes of DKV Zrt. and on most tram routes.

From June 23, 2021, the local government will provide drinking water to the commuters at four points of the city (Kossuth Square, Dósa Nádor Square, in front of the Fórum shopping center and Lake Békás). In addition, due to the prevailing weather conditions, solid washing of solid roads is carried out twice a day in busy locations around the city center and the Great Forest, in a total area of ​​about 163 thousand square meters to improve the heat feeling of the population.


Debrecen City Hall Press

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