Talented young people from Debrecen can receive a one-time benefit, it is already possible to apply

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The Board of Trustees of the Talented Debrecen Public Foundation announced a tender for talented young people aged 14-19 in Debrecen who have achieved a serious achievement in science, art, technology, education, sports or other fields, and to further develop their talents and prove their abilities. they deserve support.

Based on an application, the public foundation grants an individual scholarship as a one-time grant, which contributes to the achievement of outstanding individual performance. For the purposes of the application, a talented young person is one who is capable of an extraordinary and outstanding activity in art, science, education, technology, sport or another field and who has already made it clear with his / her results. From the point of view of the application, a young person from Debrecen is considered to be a student of Debrecen, a student of a public education institution operating in Debrecen, and his / her performance is related to Debrecen.

Applications can only be submitted online by filling in the application form and uploading the mandatory attachments. All this should be sent to the email address koteles.andrea@ph.debrecen.hu. The required documents are available here.

Detailed information about the application can be requested on the telephone number 52 / 517-707, as well as on the e-mail address koteles.andrea@ph.debrecen.hu.

Deadline for receipt of applications: Friday, November 5, 2021.



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