Yesterday’s events in Hajdú-Bihar country

Local News

The entire outbuilding of a family house burned down on Wednesday morning in Biri, Main Street. The professional firefighters of Szolgolya and Nyíradony extinguished the fire with several water jets using a breathing apparatus and a plug ladder. After that, the roof structure of the family house, which was built with an outbuilding, was also inspected.

Late in the afternoon, a car drove into a concrete pit in Kaba, Mácsai Sándor Street. A volunteer firefighter from Kaba and professional firefighters from Püspökladány marched in to inspect the vehicle and perform a power outage.

In the evening, the soot glowed in the chimney of a family house in Kossuth Lajos Street, Philippines. Professional firefighters from Nyíradony marched to remove the glowing parts with the help of a chimney digger.


Hajdú-Bihar County Disaster Management Directorate

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