Breakfast for Cyclists on 17th May

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On May 17th, the Hungarian Cycling Club with local organizations and partners will be waiting for cyclists with breakfast or snacks at dozens of points in the country.

This year, on the main square in Debrecen, more than 10 companies will organize a bike breakfast and / or snack for their employees, coordinated by EDC Debrecen. With this, we are witnessing an unprecedented movement and social responsibility. Together, our goal is to plant the seeds of a passion for sustainable transportation across the city.

So don’t hesitate, hop on a bike on May 17th, invite your cycling colleagues, your friends who haven’t ridden a bike so far, and be part of this fantastic initiative!

If you want to know more about the event or just need practical advice on cycling, visit the event’s main link at:

The companies participating in the partnership:

DataExpert Services Kft.
Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions
Diehl Aviation Hungary Kft.
EDC Debrecen Nonprofit Kft.
EPAM Systems Kft.
Krones Hungary Kft.
NI Hungary Kft.
OptiMonk International Zrt. Kft
Teva Gyógyszergyár Zrt.
Transcosmos Kft.

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