Man persuades a young girl to work in prostitution out of love

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The Debrecen General Prosecutor’s Office proposed that the sentence be upheld in the case of a 37-year-old accused who persuaded a young girl to work in prostitution in the autumn of 2020.

According to the verdict of the Debrecen General Court, the 23-year-old victim with life problems who had lived with her mother contacted the accused on a social networking site. The man, who had been raising five children in his cohabitation for about 20 years, persuaded the inexperienced girl into prostitution during their personal encounters, taking advantage of her vulnerability and exploiting her emotional dependence. The woman engaged in prostitution in the wooded area of ​​the county seat, the proceeds of which were handed over to the accused for several months. The aggressive man exercised close control over her: she was abused and humiliated several times if he saw that she was not working properly.
Upon his return from a trip abroad, the investigating authority arrested him and detained him, and he was arrested by the court at the request of the prosecutor’s office.
The court found the man of multiple convictions guilty of trafficking in human beings and forced labor for the purpose of gaining a regular advantage, harassing the victim and committing sexual acts, sentenced to 6 years in prison, 6 years in public order, and a fine of HUF 300,000.
The prosecution took note of the court’s decision. The accused and his defense counsel appealed to commute the sentence.
In addition to the confiscation of property, the Debrecen Appellate General Prosecutor’s Office requested that the judgment be upheld. In his view, in view of the extraordinary increase in the crime of trafficking in human beings, the long-term exploitation of an emotionally vulnerable young woman deserves a proportionate punishment. The purpose of sentencing is not only individual detention but also general crime prevention – a warning message to people who would be parasitic about the exploitation of their more vulnerable fellow human beings.

The defense appeals in the second instance proceedings are decided by the Debrecen Arbitration Board.

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