Hortobágy riding days: six hundred riders will join the swarm in July

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After two years of forced rest, the equestrian days in Hortobágy will be held again in July: at the three-day event, six hundred riders – about a thousand horses – will compete in the plain, the organizers said at a press conference on Friday at the Máta equestrian track.

Árpád Gergely Medgyesi, the managing director of Hortobágy Nature Conservation and Gene Conservation Nonprofit Ltd., recalled that in 2019 there were 22,000 visitors to the equestrian days, and after a two-year forced break, they expect similar interest.

According to the expert, the equestrian days are one of the most important events in Hortobágy, where everyone can get acquainted with the past and present of the pastoral culture typical of the area, the work in the Máta stud, and the unique collection of teeth.

This year’s equestrian days will include show jumping and gear racing competitions, the national foal championship, and the qualifying race named after the Hortobágy gallop, the winners of which can take part in the autumn National Race.

In addition to equestrian programs, four hundred dancers will entertain guests, children will be welcomed with craft programs, and there will be no shortage of traditional steppe food in the cauldrons, the press conference said.



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