The bicycle path leading from Debrecen to Kismacs has been completed

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Mayor László Papp, member of parliament Lajos Kósa, and local government representative Erzsébet Katona reported on the details of the development at a press conference in Kismacs.

One of Debrecen’s most important developments for traffic safety has been completed. László Papp said that it is a huge step forward that the cycle paths were created along each of the city’s entrance roads. As he said, the bicycle path is already available along roads 33, 35, and 47, it is currently being built next to Kishegyesi and Kishátár roads, along road 471, next to Sámsoni road, the in the next period, but it is integrated into the developments there – informed the Debrecen Mayor’s Cabinet Office.

Currently, more than 92 kilometers of cycle paths are available in Debrecen, and a total of 108 kilometers of cycle paths will be completed by the spring of next year at the latest.

– emphasized the city manager.

He added that the bicycle path leading to Kismacs runs along Route 33 to Orgona Street, starting from the intersection of Kishátár út-Balmazújvárosi út, where it joins the already completed bicycle path network leading to the city center. The construction of the nearly 3-kilometer road cost HUF 371 million, including crossings at intersections and utility replacements. He noted that he believes that the bicycle path will have a lot of traffic, especially if it continues to be built in the direction of the BMW factory area, since it does not end here, but continues in western order. The ultimate goal is to be able to reach Hortobágy by bicycle in the future.

In order for this to be completed, a series of transport development investments had to be implemented, as it was obvious that the Debrecen bypass would pass at Macs, which must be completed first so that the Macs developments could be planned

– pointed out parliamentary representative Lajos Kósa. He pointed out that it is possible to use TOP sources to continue building the bike path, first to Látókép, and then to the E2 reservoir. The goal is to start development in that direction together with Balmazújváros. As he said, the distance between MODEM and Kismacs on a bicycle path is 7.2 km, which means you can cycle from here to the Great Temple.

Speaking about the developments taking place in Kismac, Erzsébet Katona said that the energy modernization of the kindergarten was recently completed and the playground was renovated, and Napraforgó utca is currently being completely replaced.

We can safely and confidently say that a lot of attention is focused on the outer areas as well and not only the city center is developing

– stated the municipal representative.


Debrecen City Hall

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