That’s how cute Mei, the little red panda from the Debrecen Zoo, is

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Mei was born on June 18 in the Zoo Debrecen. Since then, he has grown a lot and is getting more and more brave on his property, so visitors can also look at Mei.

Mei is the first red panda to be born in the Debrecen Zoo, and Mei’s caretakers are proud of her, they have just published an excellent video about her on their Facebook page, showing how the little one is exploring its surroundings in this beautiful early autumn weather.

Soon, Mei will be at the center of attention in Debrecen, because this year World Red Panda Day is celebrated on September 16. On this occasion, the zoo is preparing a number of programs, interesting information and feeding shows for those interested in red pandas.

For special occasions, the Debrecen zoo invites you for an autumn evening walk

(Debreceni Nap)

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