A ecclesiastical nursery is being built in Debrecen-Józsa

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The Reformed Church is building a 96-place nursery in Józsa. Mayor László Papp, Károly Fekete, bishop of the Reformed Church District of Tiszántúli, and deputy mayor Ákos Balázs held a press conference at the location of the future educational institution on October 10, 2023.

A very important development in Józsa’s life was the expansion of the institutional system operating here. The past nine years can be safely called the era of renewal in connection with the city’s institutional system. In recent years, we have renovated many kindergartens, nurseries, and primary and secondary schools thanks partly to the local government and partly to other maintenance activities. If there is an area in which cooperation with the churches is absolutely ideal, it is the area of education, said László Papp.

He pointed out that the city’s history dates back half a millennium to the Reformed faith, Calvinism, and the role of the Reformed Church as a city builder is unquestionable in Debrecen to this day.

Józsa also fits very well into this process, as several developments of this type have been launched in the recent period. In a few months, another kindergarten in Józsa will open, which is maintained by the local government, and the procurement of equipment is currently underway

– said the city manager.

The construction of the kindergarten will cost HUF 1.4 billion, the foundations will be laid next spring.

The Reformed Church submitted an application for the RRF fund, which it applied successfully. Thanks to this, a 96-place daycare center consisting of four care units and eight group rooms will be created, explained the city manager. He pointed out that the educational institution can be built on more than half a hectare of property owned by the municipality, which, if approved by the general assembly, will be transferred to the property of the Reformed Church.

Józsa is a very dynamically developing and growing part of Debrecen, with excellent job opportunities, as the Northwest Economic Zone is located on the other side of the highway, where thousands of jobs will be created. Getting a job and going to work is closely related to the quantity and quality of nursery care in the city.

– emphasized the importance of nurseries. As he said, Debrecen’s nursery capacity is growing along with the needs of the city. In the following year, two new crèches will be handed over, one is the mentioned crèche in Józsa, and the other one is in Postakert, but with the help of the Greek Catholic Church, a crèche will also be built in Tócóvölgy, and the fourth will be in Józsa.

Future location:

Károly Fekete, the bishop of the Tiszántúli Reformed Church District, said that it is a great joy for them to be able to stand in an area where the Reformed Church had two congregations because at one time the lower and upper Jozsa parishes functioned separately.

In this district of 13,000-14,000 people, a twin congregation that did not yet have an institution is capable of taking care of the nursery school that the church district applied for. Pastoral supervision can also be provided by the local parish

– emphasized the bishop. He added that he trusts that the city assembly will be able to make this area available to them so that they will be able to operate this institution with the care of a good farmer in the future. He noted that, in addition to the city crèches, the churches in Tégláskert, Nagysándortelep and Füredi Street are also participating in a reformed crèche building program.

There is a bell in the tower of the Reformed church in Alsójózsa, on which is written: strength in unity. This cooperation is what characterizes us at Józsán. The good cooperation exists between the city, churches and denominations. This future nursery school is also the legacy of the fact that we can think together and do things together so that Józsa can develop – said deputy mayor Ákos Balázs, the municipal representative of the district.

Speaking about the numbers, he said that the number of children between the ages of zero and six in Józsá is constantly over a thousand, therefore one of the important aspects in the development of the district is the creation of locally available educational developments.

Previously, there was no nursery school in Józsa, but now we are talking about the second nursery school. The first one has been completed and we will be able to launch it at the beginning of the year. We want to make as many services as possible available here, locally, for future generations. Another important area is transport development, in the recent period we made many announcements that improve this. The third important aspect is environmental protection. As part of the Civaqua program, water enters the Tócó stream here, and we are creating a green corridor here from the urban source, which contributes to improving climatic conditions

– he underlined.

(Debreceni Nap)

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