The Green Codex of Debrecen has been completed

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The Green Codex of Debrecen has been prepared, which contains fifty measures in five topics; the country’s most complex environmental protection program gives new impetus to the city’s green policy – the city’s mayor announced at a press conference.


At the event held at the Sziget-kék children’s paradise, László Papp (Fidesz-KDNP) highlighted that since the adoption of the national environmental protection program of the Parliament in December 2022, a complex environmental protection program has been completed in Debrecen, which sets out specific actions for the period between 2023 and 2026.

For the implementation of the framework program, they rely on local, central budget and European Union resources, and they also take care of its continuation after 2026 – he added, noting that the document is the result of broad collaboration, it was “made by the people of Debrecen for the people of Debrecen”.

The mayor said that the codex contains fifty measures, and all of them aim to create and maintain a better, cleaner, more livable city.

According to his list, five topics – nature conservation and biodiversity; green space management, cleanliness of the settlement environment and waste management; municipal water management; sustainable transport and energy management, green urban development; urban air cleanliness and noise protection – the work groups led by the scientists of the University of Debrecen developed the tasks to be done.

Regarding the latter, László Papp considered it important to note that Debrecen’s Green Codex was not prepared by politicians, but by excellent experts in the respective fields, with the coordination of the city.

The document begins with a complex state assessment, recording the current situation, and then formulates the environmental protection objectives and the need for resources for their implementation, which are provided from the increasingly muscular local budget, but they also apply for domestic central and European Union funds – explained the mayor.

László Papp called one of the biggest virtues of the codex, that it includes the environmental control system that was set up by their previous decision to monitor biodiversity, soil, water, and air not only in the industrial areas but in the entire area of Debrecen and the agglomeration.

He specifically touched on water management, which, according to him, is stable and balanced in Debrecen; as part of the Civaqua program, Tisza water is already in the city.

At the same time, negotiations are initiated with large companies, including future battery factories, to review their activities and technology from the point of view of water management, and to apply more water-saving production, or to switch to it – indicated László Papp.

He added: that the people of Debrecen do not need to worry, their interests will be protected in every way, economic development does not pose a threat to the people, and “we will fight for reassuring solutions”.

Deputy mayor Ákos Balázs (Fidesz-KDNP) added that the city’s green working group was created in 2019 for the “green idea” to appear everywhere, including in the fields of nature conservation, industry, and transportation.

An “active green community” has been formed in recent years, which has now been supplemented by the university’s specialists, and works for a green Debrecen based on local knowledge and looking for innovative solutions.

At the press conference, the leaders of the thematic groups explained in detail the goals and findings of Debrecen’s Green Codex.



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