Szlávik: the delta virus variant poses a greater threat to young people than before


The delta variant of the coronavirus is more widespread and poses a greater threat to young people than the previous mutants, said the chief physician of the Infectious Diseases Department of the South Pest Central Hospital on Wednesday on the current M1 channel.

János Szlávik emphasized that according to the statistics, vaccination of young people is more epidemiological than clinical.

He added that while the previous variants became infected only one day before the onset of symptoms, the delta variant was already infected in the two days before.

He said that there is a growing demand for vaccination among young people. Parents are advised by their chief doctor to give the vaccine to their child if they want it, even if they are not vaccinated themselves.

He reported that coronavirus concentrations in wastewater had risen in ten major cities, meaning that the number of cases would increase in at least ten major cities in the coming weeks. For the time being, the numbers are rising slowly but still, the same thing happened in the previous wave, and then the epidemic broke out, he added.

If the number of cases increases a lot, it is possible that you will have to wear a mask again – the chief doctor said, adding that he is confident that there will be no closures.

He also mentioned that there were reports of a decrease in the number of cases among those vaccinated with the three vaccines, but this has not yet been proven. In Hungary, the third vaccine can be taken, which is clearly recommended for the elderly, immunocompromised, cancer patients, organ transplants or those who are taking a drug that suppresses their immune system, János Szlávik added.



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