An interesting letter from Debrecen: healthcare workers can only rent out their properties with a permit


The heads of the departments of the clinical center of the University of Debrecen were warned in a letter that the employees of the new legal relationship may perform other gainful employment and remuneration activities only with the prior permission of the National Healthcare Service Center.

According to a letter published by health expert Kunetz Zsombor, this circle now includes the leasing of own property.

Are you surprised that there are not enough health workers?

– the specialist asked the poetic question.

There is a huge outrage among health workers who comment on the post. It is mentioned that hiring is not a “gainful occupation” or an “activity for remuneration”, but the rent is income from an independent activity, so it has nothing to do with the health service legal relationship, therefore National Healthcare Service Center does not have the right to contribute.

One lawyer also points out that this is a complete misinterpretation of the legislation. Utilization of self-owned property – as an ownership option arising from a civil right – since any “activity”? This is a restriction on the possession of private property that can only be prescribed by the constitution, a basic law.

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