EC Backs Adoption of Hungary Recovery Plan

The European Commission on Wednesday said it has decided to give its support for the adoption of Hungary’s plan for accessing EU recovery funding worth 5.8 billion euros, though the EC will continue to freeze 7.5 billion euros in cohesion funding.

Didier Reynders, the European Commissioner for Justice, told a press conference that the EC would support the adoption of Hungary’s plan if the country fulfils a set of conditions connected with the rule of law. At the same time, the EC will continue to freeze 7.5 billion euros in cohesion funding, as Hungary has not made enough progress in ensuring transparency in the use of EU funding, he said. He said Hungary’s plan contained a broad range of reforms and investments which could help to address many economic and social challenges outlined in the EU’s country recommendations. Planned measures include supporting sustainable growth and social and regional cohesion, he said, adding that the green and digital transitions, education, social policy, the labour market, health care, the fight against corruption, the independence of the judiciary, public procurement, taxation and the pension system were the areas especially affected, and addressing them would contribute to meeting the 27 “milestones” stipulated in the EU’s recovery and resilience conditions.


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