It was a full house at the 2022 DExpo


More than 6,000 high school students were interested in the University of Debrecen’s largest enrollment event on November 23 and 24. This year is the first year when a mobile application also helped visitors to navigate between the programs and locations presenting the institution’s training offerings.

The university’s press center announced that the aim of the two-day event was to enable high school students and their relatives to get to know the University of Debrecen’s wide range of courses, student life, services for university students, dormitories, sports and study abroad opportunities in detail. At the event, all thirteen faculties presented themselves with stands, and visitors could also get information about other organizational units of the university. Those interested could find out about DE’s biggest enrollment event in person and through the Studyversity application.

More than six thousand people took part in the 2022 DExpo. Elek Bartha, the vice-rector of education, told that the great interest clearly shows how attractive the University of Debrecen is.

The university’s enrollment program consists of several elements, of which DExpo is the event that attracts the largest number of students. In addition to online publications, the press, social media, self-developed applications that help applicants, and high school programs, thousands of people visit this event every year to gain personal experience of the University of Debrecen. The emphasis here is on the personal experience, the personal relationship: what they see and experience here, how they get answers to their questions, in many cases has a decisive influence on their university application plans. At the DEExpo, all the faculties and numerous organizational units of the institution, which is known to offer the widest range of training in Hungary, will be on display, giving a complete cross-section of the training courses at UD and the university years in Debrecen that await the students.

– said the vice-rector.

According to Mónika Rőfi, the head of the Event Coordination and Alumni Center of the University of Debrecen, the University of Debrecen’s largest enrollment event this time also succeeded as expected.

It was a full house at DExpo 2022, it is a great pleasure that we were able to organize it with such great success in person after a forced break of two years. Of course, most people visited the stands of the larger faculties, but the programs requiring registration quickly filled up and there were also many people at the career guidance information. For the first time, instead of paper-based information, we used the application, where the specialist search engine and the faculties’ websites were also available directly. We registered more than two thousand users through the application, and almost nine hundred filled out our questionnaires. Most of the students were accompanied by their parents, who were also curious about what the University of Debrecen had to offer

– said the head of the center.

The University of Debrecen continuously informs prospective students about the training opportunities until the middle of February, until the application deadline of the general admission procedure. The enrollment campaign will continue on January 26 in Szolnok, where the university will hold the DExpo-Szolnok event for the first time, where, like the program in Debrecen, the institution’s entire training offer will be presented. The university application will also help the participants in Szolnok, with which all important information will be available.

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