OECD water team leader urges more funding for water protection

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Xavier Leflaive, the OECD’s water team leader, has called for tripling funding for water protection. Speaking to public news channel M1, Leflaive said that whereas back in 2003, the OECD believed it would have been sufficient to double funding for the protection of waters, today it was clear that it needs to be increased threefold in order to meet hygienic requirements.

Further, the right political institutional system and decisions are needed, he said, adding, at the same time, that economic players such as investors could also do a lot for water protection.

Leflaive also said it appeared that certain countries were not fully aware of the extent of the world’s water crisis. While some areas have too much water, others do not have enough, he said.

There are places affected by devastating storms and other areas are plagued by water pollution, he added.



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