Cold Weather Expected on Bank Holiday


A cold front determines the weather on March 15th – cool, windy and rainy weather is expected today.

Those who are going to an outdoor commemoration or celebration today should put on their winter clothes and don’t forget their umbrellas at home. The sky will be overcast almost everywhere until noon, and then the clouds will begin to disappear from the west. In many places east of the Danube, rain is expected at first. In the lower parts of Borsod county and on the Tiszántúl the precipitation may change to sleet or snow from late afternoon. The north-west and north winds are strong, and may be accompanied by stormy gusts, especially in Transdanubia and Bodrogköz. The highest daytime temperature is between 3 and 8 degrees, late at night 0.5 degrees is likely. During the second half of the week, we can expect a gradual easing and there will be no significant precipitation, reports

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