A Moroccan man grew the marijuana plant in his wardrobe


The Debrecen police investigated the Moroccan citizen on the basis of a well-founded suspicion of committing a drug offense.

Police were informed that a tenant was growing marijuana in an apartment in Debrecen. On April 8, 2021, investigators conducted a search of the property. The 28-year-old Moroccan citizen was found to have drug-susceptible green plant derivatives at several points in his room, and to their great surprise, a whole plant of cannabis was placed in the closet.

In addition to plant derivatives, the police seized the technical equipment needed to grow them, and the foreign man was produced. Following his interrogation, the suspect was prosecuted for a well-founded suspicion of drug possession.

The Debrecen Police Headquarters carried out the necessary procedural steps and sent the resulting documents to the competent prosecutor’s office within a few days.



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