She gave birth to her child in a toilet and then killed the newborn – the woman wants a lighter sentence


The Miskolc District Court sentenced the woman who killed her newborn child at the beginning of July last year to fifteen years in prison, with a ten-year suspension from public affairs as an additional punishment, Ildikó Tőzsér, the press spokesperson of the court, informed MTI.

According to the facts of the judgment, the woman was pregnant, but she did not prepare for the birth of the child, she did not attend prenatal care, and she only visited the nurse a week before giving birth.

Late at the beginning of July last year, the defendant’s stomach started cramping, which she also reported to her mother, but she did not tell anyone about her subsequent pains and the flow of amniotic fluid, they wrote.

According to the information, the woman gave birth to her child sitting on the toilet in the early hours of the morning, and she cut the umbilical cord with a pair of scissors. The newborn’s head was submerged in the water-filled rinsing section, from which the accused only took them out after a few minutes, then knocked the child to the ground and left them alone, wrapped in a towel.

That morning – keeping her true intentions hidden – she asked an acquaintance to take her to the wooded outskirts of Lyukóbánya, where she hid the baby’s body, they wrote.

The newborn’s death was caused by suffocation, neglect and a blow to the skull. The court convicted the defendant of the crime of manslaughter committed against a person under the age of fourteen, and terminated the woman’s right to custody of her later-born children, they said.

According to the announcement, when imposing the sentence, the court took into account the defendant’s criminal record to a small extent as a mitigating circumstance but assessed the unscrupulous perpetration coupled with persistent intent and the increasing number of similar acts throughout the county and nationwide as an aggravating circumstance.

The verdict is not final, the accused appealed for mitigation, the prosecutor and the defense have reserved three days to make a statement, the press spokesperson said.

(Debreceni Nap)

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