You can attend matches again – we asked the fans how they evaluate the team’s performance so far


Closed goalkeeper matches have been held at the Nagyerdei Stadium since November 1, 2020, but the 4 million vaccinated people ended the six-month fast, allowing them to play on the DVSC home court again on Sunday. In November, when the stadium was last visited, the LOI team from Győr was defeated by the Loki, 3-0.

The gates were only open to those who have a certificate of protection, but these 2,000 spectators were able to watch the penultimate Hungarian championship of the season, which was hosted by the Csákvár team in the civic city. Visitors were able to enter the meeting from one o’clock, which started at three o’clock. Organized fan groups did not show up at the stadium, so we still have to wait for the real match atmosphere.

We toured the stadium before the meeting and asked fans preparing for the match how they felt, whether they were afraid of the virus, whether they missed the team to encourage the team, what they expected from the meeting and how they felt about the new coach’s work so far.

As a routine, touring the stadium, I saw that even with the usual three to four thousand spectators, there would be significantly fewer spectators (this was proven, as even according to the official site, they saw two thousand of the DVSC’s penultimate domestic champions). This is obviously due to the epidemic situation, the certificate of protection, the absence of ultras, but perhaps most of all the weakening of the team lately. On the other hand, it felt very good for me to see people around the stadium again, who not only chose to walk or run the Great Forest, but also headed to the stadium in red and white from head to toe, to see corn and Sochi vendors again, and to Red And White. also began to return to life:

I first asked a father and daughter:

We are sorry that the tournament is so close, we owe it to ourselves. We hope the team wins the last three matches and at least fights the ascent. We are completely dissatisfied with the coach couple Huszti-Toldi, I do not want to give a more detailed opinion on this matter. We agree with the certificate of protection, we are glad to finally be able to go to a match

Said the family fan detachment.

Later, I met an older fan who also missed the matches so much that he could cheer for Loki again in the stands. He expected an easy victory against Csákvár and considered it good to go to the match with the protection card, he is not afraid of the virus, as he has already undergone the vaccination. He was also dissatisfied with the performance of the new coaches so far.

Then I talked to Zsolt:

I was really looking forward to being here again in a match. I’m not afraid of the virus, since I’ve been through it before, it wasn’t pleasant. I am waiting for a victory in today’s match, we must be able to defeat Csákvár by all means. I’m not happy with the new coach, trying to force a game on the team for which the frame isn’t suitable.

And before the meeting started, I even asked Botond and Erik:

We waited to be able to support the team in person again. We are not happy with the new coaches, as neither the game on the field nor the results achieved are sufficient, even here in the second division. More new certification would be needed, especially in defense.

Anyway, the DVSC brought in the mandatory, even if not easily, but won the opening match of the 36th round by 4-2. Surprisingly, the first goal was scored by the guests through Madarász in the seventh minute, which was equalized by Dzsudzsák in the 24th, and then three minutes later by Bódi, the translation came from a penalty. At the beginning of the second half, Bárány increased the advantage, to which Ganbold responded in the 72nd minute, and the decision remained at the very end, Szécsi secured the victory in the 93rd minute.


– Balázs Arany

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