Ambassador at the Summer University


British ambassador Iain Lindsay was so curious about Hungarian language that he has spent more than a month at the Summer University of Debrecen learning about Hungarian language and culture from various native teachers.

He also traveled to Hortobágy and Eger and tasted Hungarian specialities in different regions of the country.

Summer University of Debrecen is one of the oldest institutions in the country where foreigners can learn about our language, culture and history; more than 50 experienced teachers meet their students from 40 countries each year at the university. Students can attend movie screenings, cultural programmes, dance nights and several other culture-related programmes. In the first months of 2016 more than 170 foreign students attended the courses of the university and about 200-250 are expected during the summer months. Many studenst come from New-Zealand, Switzerland, Germany, the United States and Poland.

Iain Lindsay was so satisfied with the Hungarian courses and his accomplishments that he also posted a youtube video presenting his Hungarian language knowledge.




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