The University of Debrecen awaits applicants with about two hundred courses


The University of Debrecen awaits its prospective students with this year’s general admission procedure with about two hundred courses.

Applicants have one month to decide which higher education institution to pursue their studies in. Admissions students can choose a university or college until February 15, based on the courses and training in the admission prospectus published last December and its supplement published by the end of January.

There are a total of sixteen modern dormitories on the university, with nearly five thousand places, where the institution also admits about ninety percent of the applicants. In addition to learning, there are a number of additional services available to students.

Those interested in higher education can still apply in the e-admission system available on the internet interface.

Applicants will be able to see the data validated by the Education Office in the e-admission system on April 20. It will be revealed how many have applied to the University of Debrecen. Admission point limits are expected to be announced on July 21st.

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