Robots were programmed at the Faculty of Informatics


On Saturday, the Faculty of Informatics of the University of Debrecen hosted the regional finals of the world’s largest robotics competition, the FIRST LEGO League. At the competition organized by EPAM, almost twenty teams were able to demonstrate their creativity and programming skills.

Elementary and high school students from different parts of the country came to the Kassai út campus of the University of Debrecen, where the teams built a robot from LEGO elements and using LEGO technologies at the FIRST LEGO League programming competition. These robots were programmed to be able to solve tasks on their own during a run of a few minutes. The central theme of this year’s competition was energy, smarter use, and the production of energy.

The children participating in the competition were able to learn the skills of critical thinking and teamwork, and the professional tasks showed them the IT challenges of the present and the future.

According to Sándor Baran, the deputy dean for science and applications at the UD Faculty of Informatics, the fact that the faculty, as the dominant IT knowledge center in the region, was able to host the FIRST LEGO League world competition again this year, like last year, allowed the young people to get to know the field of IT, the UD Faculty of Informatics, and hopefully as many as possible will continue their studies at the University of Debrecen.

– Artificial intelligence-based research and education are given special attention by the faculty, our students can acquire high-level programming skills, and knowledge of the most modern technologies is essential for this. Young people participating in the world competition can gain an insight into the professional work that takes place at the faculty, and get to know the modern infrastructure, so it is expected that they will be motivated to continue their studies with us. In addition to teamwork, competition requires good problem-solving skills and algorithmic thinking. The development of these competencies is emphasized in the faculty’s educational activities because we want our students to enter the world of work with these skills. We have a very good relationship with local companies, and this competition further strengthens our existing collaborations, said the deputy dean in relation to the event.

The best-performing teams from the regional competitions advance to the national finals, where they can compete for participation in the FLL World Championships.

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