International Dishes at Nagyerdei Étterem


Today and on Friday our Chinese friends are going to cook at Nagyerdei Restaurant.

Date: Tuesday (22nd of October) and Friday (25th of October)

Venue: Nagyerdei Étterem (1. Egyetem square)

Program: International Dishes at Nagyerdei Étterem. They will prepare a main course, and bring us the flavoures of Asia.
Come and taste the specials of Chinese kitchen.

Tuesday menu:
Spicy Chicken Wings with Yangzhou fried rice
香辣鸡翅 (Xiang La Ji Chi) 扬州炒饭 (Yangzhou Chao Fan)

Friday menu:
Kung Pao chicken with Egg fried rice
宫保鸡丁(Gong Bao Ji Ding) 蛋炒饭 (Dan Chao Fan)

Both menus are available from 11:00 on the given day. Please arrive as soon as you can as we have limited amounty of this delicacy!

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