The development of the GP clinic on Epreskert Street would cost too much – the support was withdrawn

Local News

The clinic received a non-refundable grant of HUF 150,311,417 for infrastructure development in 2018, however, the public procurement procedure has been unsuccessful twice since, because none of the applicants undertook the development for the given amount. It was announced at Thursday’s general meeting that the money thus released would be reallocated to other TOP projects.

The decision-makers of the local government of Debrecen, in the Regional and Settlement Development Operational Program, entitled “Infrastructural development of the general practice of Epreskert Street”, received a non-refundable grant of HUF 150,311,417 in 100% support.

The grant agreement entered into force on 5 February 2018. The public procurement procedure for the contract was issued twice, to no avail.

In the proceedings, each of the final bids exceeded the amount of financial coverage available. The bid closest to the amount of collateral was 20% higher.

The municipality has initiated the withdrawal of the grant application for the strawberry garden GP surgery.

This is what the money is spent on:

The implementation of the TOP projects of the municipality requires a significant amount of self-sufficiency due to the price increases in construction in recent years. The funds released as a result of the withdrawal will be reallocated by the municipality to cover the cost increases of the remaining unfinished TOP projects, it was revealed at the general meeting on 21 April.

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