Snow falls in March in Debrecen – photos

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Following the cold front that arrived in the past few days, snow and sleet will color the weather in Debrecen on Tuesday.

It snowed in Debrecen on Tuesday afternoon:

Morning snowy landscape:

On Tuesday, the last week of March, the residents of Debrecen woke up to a snowy landscape. In the morning hours, the snow that fell in the evening remained only in a few places, so we took some pictures of it.

What weather is expected in the sequel?

According to Időkép’s forecast, it will freeze almost everywhere on Wednesday morning, -10, -8 degrees is not out of the question in the clear, frosty, wind-sheltered northern and northeastern regions. Cloudiness will increase in the west during the day, but no significant precipitation is expected, we can expect longer filtered sunny periods in the east. There is a view of 8-13 degrees in the strong west-southwest wind in many directions.

On Thursday, in cloudy weather, we can expect short sunny periods, and in the afternoon, light rain and showers from the north-western regions. The south-southwest wind will be brisk in several places, and strong in the southwest. The peak temperature can be between 9 and 20 degrees, and lower peak values can be measured in the northeast.

It may rain in several places by Friday morning, then during the day, light rain and showers may develop, and the sun may shine for longer periods in many places. In windy weather, the air can warm between 16 and 21 degrees.

Temperatures will drop significantly at the beginning of the week, overnight frosts will return and strong winds are expected

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