The wind knocked down a house wall in Debrecen

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The wall of a house collapsed on Csillag Street in Debrecen on Tuesday, but firefighters were also called to several other locations on that day, the county disaster management reported.

In Debrecen, a willow tree fell on the road in Ghilányi Street, and a tree branch broke off in Mészöly Géza Street.

Firefighters were called to Csillag Street again, and the firewall of a house collapsed onto another apartment.

In Kazinczy Street, two branches of a large tree fell on a storage shed. A tree also fell on Pósa Street, which was also cut down by the city’s firefighters.

Various settlements of Hajdú-Bihar county were not spared by the stormy wind

An oak tree fell on the road in Gáborján at dawn on Tuesday.

In Balmazújváros, a tree also fell on Dózsa György and Veres Péter streets.

A plum tree fell in Hajdúszoboszló, and the firefighters had to remove it, later the professional firefighters from Hajdúszoboszló moved to Kölcsey Street. There, a tree split in two.

In Berettyóújfalu, the storm swept the tiles off the roof of the family house. The firemen went to Ebesen because of an eight-meter tree, the tree leaned on a fence, and they had to remove it with a chainsaw.

Main picture: in Komádi, the sheet roof of a residential building was destroyed by the wind, and the municipal unit of the settlement was needed there. In the evening, the firefighters went to Debrecen again. An aluminum pipe was hanging from the roof of a ten-story apartment building in Csapó Street, posing a danger to passers-by and parked cars, so it was removed by the units.

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