Budapest Airport Implementing New Entry Rules

Europe National

Budapest’s Liszt Ferenc International Airport is implementing new rules for passengers entering the country, the airport’s operator said.

Budapest Airport told MTI that airport police are carrying out passport and ID checks of all passengers disembarking from all flights, as well as measuring their temperature, but this is expected to result in procedures that take longer than usual because passengers are queried and their data recorded. Passengers are being asked to fill in a new quarantine form available at the Budapest Airport website beforehand and hand it over to the authorities during passport checks.

Foreigners who are not allowed to enter Hungary must wait for their departure in a specially designated transit area, and they are provided with blankets, unlimited Wi-Fi access and, if required, a face mask. The airport will receive flights continuously, the operator said, adding however that many airlines are cancelling services for the next month, so passenger numbers are likely to fall to similar levels to when coronavirus-related restrictions were first introduced, or around 3,000 travellers a day as opposed to 50,000 normally.


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