Second Degree Weather Alert Issued in Hajdú-Bihar County


On Sunday, during the day, the clouds will increase in a larger area and the formation of cumulus clouds will become stronger, the National Meteorological Service has indicated.


In the morning, there may be light rain and showers in the northeastern counties. From noon onwards, showers and thunderstorms will appear in more and more places, in greater numbers in the central and eastern landscapes. The highest daytime temperatures range from 17 to 25 degrees.

From the early afternoon, a larger number of thunderstorms are expected, mainly to the east of the Danube (but they may also appear in the north-western part of the country and in the southern part of Transdanubia).

Thunderstorms can be associated primarily with stormy run-off winds (usually 60-90 km / h, sometimes damaging winds above 90 km / h), as well as locally high rainfall (20-25 mm) and hail (1-2 cm). Thunderstorms leave the country in the evening.

Due to the risk of severe thunderstorms on Sunday, the National Meteorological Service issued an orange (second instance) warning signal for Hajdú-Bihar, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén and Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg counties, while a further 15 counties issued a lemon yellow (first instance) alert:


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