Parliament CTTEE Head Turns to President Over Pollution at River Sajó


László Lóránt Keresztes, the head of parliament’s sustainable development committee, has turned to President Katalin Novák in an open letter, asking her to raise her voice in protection of the River Sajó and for eliminating the ongoing pollution there.


The Sajó enters Hungary in the northeast from Slovakia, where contaminated water from a closed mine has been flowing into the river for months. Keresztes, who is also the group leader of the opposition LMP, said the pollution had already exterminated wildlife in a long stretch of the river, and the contamination had reached Hungary where the amount of harmful substances has risen above the threshold values, he said.


He is now turning to the president “seeing the inaction of the Slovak government and the passivity of the Hungarian ruling parties and government”. Keresztes said Slovak officials had “admitted” that they had failed to find a final solution to the problem, he said. Hungary must do everything in its power to stop the pollution, by offering professional help to Slovakia if necessary, he said.


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