The national pass cannot be used on the Balaton ICs from mid-May


Due to the overcrowding of the summer pre-season, the Balaton InterCity train became a seat ticket from May 15, but the national pass is not valid for the surcharged trains, MÁV said in response to Telex‘s question.

Many people were confused by this step. In the article, the newspaper mentions as an example one of its readers, who commutes from the Balaton area, who bought the national pass for HUF 18,900 instead of HUF 71,200, but the Balaton pre-season came and with it a slap in the face, because he bought a ticket for the entire section on the Tópart IC-hybrid train for an additional fee, had to switch.

In connection with the case, MÁV announced that in the pre-season schedule starting on May 15, it is mandatory to change seats on the Balaton IC, which departs every two hours, for both the express train and the InterCity train section. Due to the expected overcrowding at the beginning of the season, the train, therefore, became ticketed, as it had been in previous years, i.e. it is no longer free of charge. However, the national pass is no longer valid for premium trains. In addition, the national pass cannot be redeemed.

It is mentioned in the article that it will not be possible to travel directly between Budapest and Keszthely with the national pass. However, this only affects those passengers who would travel from Budapest to Keszthely, or vice versa, since with the new passes many trains can be used from Siófok to Keszthely, in addition, Volánbusz runs direct flights between Budapest-Keszthely-Budapest several times a day, for which the national pass is valid, said the MÁV.

County and national passes can now be purchased in the MÁV application

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