Missing Six-Year-Old Girl Found in Pér


She went after a dog and got lost in the thick fog, but now the six-year-old girl is found and she is fine.


Six-year-old Zóra got lost on Sunday afternoon due to the fog from the farm near Pér, where the family keeps animals, and they were just feeding them. The little girl was chasing a dog, a paraglider spotted her on Monday morning.

The ambulance took the child to the hospital in Győr for observation. The details of the little girl’s disappearance have also become known. The adults were feeding the animals on the farm when Zóra saw a dog and she followed the animal. On Sunday afternoon, you could barely see 10-20 meters from the fog in that area, so even if you knew the area, you could quickly lose your way. Fortunately, she was dressed warmly, the boots on her feet and the jacket saved her from the cold at night. Hundreds of people searched for the girl that night, one of them told Telex that many things besides animals were kept and stored on the farm, including unused refrigerators and cabinets – they checked everything before the area was flooded by professional and civil helpers. Maybe the little girl hid in one of them. They could barely see anything in the fog until midnight, so they relied on thermal cameras and trained dogs, but they couldn’t catch a scent. At midnight, the sky suddenly became starry, then there was a glimmer of hope, but then the fog descended again. That’s why they went home at two in the morning and were preparing to continue the search today.

In the morning, the fog had already lifted around Győr and Pér, which might have helped the paraglider who noticed the little girl wandering around the Pér airport. She was two or three kilometers away from the ranch at that time, so she had walked that long during the night.

Her mother was the first to be allowed to see the girl, and the paramedics transported her to the Petz Hospital in Győr for observation in a stable condition. The police thanked those involved in the search.



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