Katinka Hosszú would prepare for the Olympics in Dubai


Katinka Hosszú recently announced her return: she wants to compete in next year’s Olympics in Paris, for which she would prepare in Dubai, where she would also take her family.

As Blikk knows, the 34-year-old swimmer and mother turned to the federation with extra requests: she wants to travel to the Middle East separately from the national team, in the presence of her family, and there with her husband and coach, Máté Layber-Gelencsér, little Kamília, and a babysitter. They would spend their time in a five-star hotel during the preparation.

It is not yet known whether they will fulfill her luxurious wishes, especially since Katinka Hosszú does not yet have the level time necessary to start at the Olympics, so she would not have any special extras for her preparation. Regardless, it cannot be ruled out that the association will support her in her preparations for Dubai.

Katinka Hosszú returns and aims for her sixth Olympics

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