Mentla Health Renaissance Lecture


The mental health Committee which was founded Exactly one year ago by exclusively International students of Debrecen university, is happy to share with all the students their first Event of this year.

With over 250 Public lectures and seminars,
2 TEDx Talks and multiple scientific conference apperances in mental heath, Human Energy Management’s founder Dr. Hani Akasheh is delivering a visual keynote lecture in Debredcen university.

Join us this Friday
October 4 at the IVDI lecture hall, 6pm !
for an enthralling and exciting visual presentation by Human Energy Managment team about the incredible universe of mental health science !

Dont miss the chance to learn and discover more about the most interesting research and facts in mental health !
Empower yourself through discovering the practical science to help you optimize and enhance your pscyhological health !

The MHC team.

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