Overwhelming success in the music competition


Four students of the singing department of the Faculty of Music of the University of Debrecen achieved outstanding results in the III. “Wiener Klassiker” at the Danubia Talents International Music Competition. The students’ performance was judged by a jury of international experts.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the competition was held online, applicants had to send videos of their performances, and an international jury then selected the best ones. The recordings had to be uploaded to Youtube by the contestants without editing, and the final result was reached on March 23, based on the productions.

Singers from many countries took part in the III.“Wiener Klassiker” Danubia Talents International Music Competition. The singing students of the Faculty of Music of the University of Debrecen once again made a lasting impression: they graduated among the best in the Vienna-based competition.

Four students from the Faculty of Music of the University of Debrecen were able to step on the imaginary podium, three of whom were first in a tie and even managed to reach the third place. The students of Debrecen performed classical music, sang songs and arias.

– Four applied and all four were successful. They try to direct the students to enter competitions if they can achieve a good result there. The emphasis here is on preparation, which is why the work of tutors should be highlighted. All the professionals work with incredible enthusiasm and full effort in the faculty, and during their recruitment, they manage to select young people who thank them with their talent and diligence. Such results are very good for both the faculty and the university because they draw attention to the inspiring work going on here – emphasized Ildikó Iván, Head of the Department of Private Affairs at the Faculty of Music of the University of Debrecen.

She added that online competitions have a positive impact, as young people can still benefit from the experience after the epidemic. This is because, in preparation for the virtual competitions, students can listen back, from which they can learn a lot.

The pieces selected by the jury will soon be available for contestants at a gala concert.

Students who participated in the competition and their results:

  • Zsuzsanna Kapi – 1st place (Preparatory teacher: Ildikó Iván – Tutor: Judit Böszörményi)
  • Fujita Julia – 1st place (Preparatory teacher: Andrea Ujvárosi – Tutor: Balázs Boda)
  • Csaba Grega – 1st place (Preparatory teacher: Éva Mohos Nagy – Tutor: Katalin Anducska)
  • Lilla Takács – 3rd place (Preparatory teacher: Ildikó Iván – Tutor: Katalin Anducska)



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