The biggest fitness event in Eastern Hungary, FőnixFitt in Debrecen, arrives with star guests


They can also take part in health screenings and lifestyle counseling, but even those who want to exercise can learn the steps of the right stretching in the programs of the University of Debrecen at the V. Phoenix Phoenix. Thousands of participants are expected to attend the largest fitness event in Eastern Hungary on Saturday at the Phoenix Hall.

The Hungarian Sports and Lifestyle Development Cluster, together with the Debrecen Sports Center, will organize the PhoenixFitt on Saturday, April 30, at the recently modernized Phoenix Arena. The program is organized with the support of the city, together with the Coordinating Institute of Sports Science of the University of Debrecen and the Center for Sports Diagnostics, Lifestyle and Therapy on 3,000 square meters. The aim of the large-scale leisure and mass sports day is to promote exercise, emphasizing its role in maintaining health.

The popular representatives of various branches of fitness will sweat the participants in the big-stage programs that move the body, such as Alexandra Béres, Tímea Sifter, Enikő Péntek, Rezső Tatarek, Erika Czégel or Gabriella Bánkuti.

In addition, the stands of the most popular fitness clubs in Debrecen, as well as workshops and professional exhibitors, are also waiting for those interested in the possibility of a full-day training.

Those interested will also be able to find the stand of the Sports Science Coordination Institute of the University of Debrecen at V. FőnixFitt, László Balogh, the director of DESKI, shared important information in this regard.

At this year’s event, we would like to promote university sports training and the 2024 Miskolc-Debrecen European University Games. In addition, the students have good news: our physical education teacher colleagues will be out on-site, so whoever participates in the PhoenixFitt programs and registers at our stand will count this day as a physical education class – László Balogh also drew the students’ attention.

The Sports Diagnostics, Lifestyle, and Therapy Center of the University of Debrecen awaits everyone with free diagnostic measurements, screening tests, and lifestyle counseling.

This year, I would like to draw attention to how the tools of sports science and sports medicine can contribute to the health of those involved in hobby sports, the prevention of injury, and the promotion of conscious and legal performance.

– Sándor Szántó, head of the Department of Sports Medicine of the University of Debrecen, medical director of SET, told

It will be possible to determine body composition, and measure body fat percentage and muscle mass, all of which can provide a basis for a sensible dietary and lifestyle reform.

Our physiotherapy unit can test how to speed up the healing process with acute sports injuries or overload injuries. Also, perhaps most importantly, we will be introduced to our physiotherapists and will be able to master some forms of movement, such as stretching and core muscle strengthening, which are very important in preventing injuries, the medical director listed.

On the UniFit stage, programs begin at 11 a.m. with popular and qualified trainers from the University Fitness Center. The available forms of movement will include body shape, cardio-boxing, HIIT, spinal gymnastics, or deep work, but they will also be made with various games and prizes – Tamás Balogh, UniFit’s professional and operational director, informed director.

Above all, we want to show the way to lifestyle change with the help of experimental forms of movement, which can move the various physiological processes in a positive direction, towards health preservation and health promotion. As FőnixFitt is a cardio type of exercise, our efforts to prevent cardiovascular disease are also emphasized.

Stressed the director of the fitness center.

Phoenix X Fit opens its doors at 8:30 a.m. Saturday. About 3,000 people are expected to attend the event.

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