Expanding Chinese relations at the University of Debrecen


Continuation of already existing joint courses, student and instructor exchanges, double degrees and curriculum development – all this was discussed at the Friday meeting at which the delegation of the Beijing University of International Studies was received by the leadership of the rector of the University of Debrecen and the dean of the Faculty of Humanities.

The history of the relationship between the two institutions dates back to 2015 when Beijing International Studies University (BISU) launched a seven-year program: 20 students started the special seven-year course in which they learned in three years while still in high school the Hungarian language, later they will pursue university studies at the University of Debrecen. The first 12 graduates received their Hungarian diplomas in 2022.

The delegation led by the president of BISU, Ji Jinbiao, was the first to receive the general vice chancellor of DE, Károly Pető, after an introductory walk in the Main Building.

As he stated in his welcome speech: the institution is committed to nurturing and expanding international educational relations, which is clearly demonstrated by the high number of foreign students studying here, exceeding seven thousand.

Almost 400 Chinese students are studying at the University of Debrecen, most of them in the Faculty of Economics, Informatics and Humanities. At the latter, 16 Chinese students are currently – already in their second year – continuing their studies in Hungarian in the Hungarian basic course, and it is expected that they will successfully obtain their diploma at the end of the academic year

– said the vice-chancellor.

In the framework of the presentation by Okszána Kiszil, head of the University of Debrecen Rector-Chancellor’s Cabinet, Coordination and Strategy Directorate, the guests were able to learn about the institution’s training, research and scientific activities, international and industrial relations, and also gained insight into the leisure and sports life of the students.

Based on our experience so far and the knowledge we have now acquired, we can promise to further popularize the training offered by European countries, including Hungary, in China, primarily focusing on our young compatriots choosing the University of Debrecen as the location for their study abroad

– stated Ji Jinbiao president of BISU at the meeting.

At the meeting, an agreement was reached that the education program started in 2015 at the University of Debrecen of the Faculty of Humanities will continue, and it was also said that in the future, a system of bilateral teacher-student exchanges, the possibility of obtaining a double degree, will be developed, and negotiations will also begin on how to involve as many the University of Debrecen faculty as possible in the joint training cooperation of the two institutions.

The delegation of Beijing International Studies University – which, in addition to the president, also included the director of the Organization and Personnel Unit of Beijing International Studies University, the director of its International Exchange and Cooperation Office, the dean of the Faculty of European Studies, and the director of its Academic Administration Center – then held a meeting also with the representatives of the University of Debrecen the Faculty of Humanities.

The purpose of the meeting was to review the results of the joint training program under which BISU students take part in Hungarian basic training.

The success of the program is not only indicated by the high number of graduating students, but also by the fact that many of the Chinese students stay on to study at our university to obtain a master’s degree

– Péter Csatár informed.

The deputy dean of the Faculty of Humanities said that the contract, which expires this year, will be filled with new content by the two institutions so that the education of Chinese students in the field of Hungarian language and culture can continue.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the University of Debrecen of the Faculty of Humanities, including Edit Dobi, the professional head of Hungarian language education for Chinese students, and Pál Csontos, the Hungarian director of the Confucius Institute, as well as Péter Szaffkó, director of the Summer University of Debrecen.

The special feature of the meeting was that two Chinese students, studying Hungarian here, contributed to the Chinese-Hungarian interpretation, proving their preparation and knowledge of the language.

The Confucius Institute started operating at the University of Debrecen in the autumn of 2019. Its main activity is the teaching of the Chinese language and the transmission and introduction of Chinese culture to the citizens of the university and the people living in the region.

Our courses – in which not only Hungarian but also foreign students of our university diligently study Mandarin Chinese – run with a full staff, and there is huge interest in the intellectual modules presenting culture, the Lectures on Chinese Culture, Chinese Movie Nights and Traditional Chinese Medicine towards it as well

– emphasized Pál Csontos, the Hungarian director of the Confucius Institute.

The visit of the delegation from the Beijing University of International Studies ended with a joint afternoon program with the Chinese students studying here at the University of Debrecen.



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