Doctoral Candidate of the University of Debrecen, Tímea Arnóczki, Received a Presidential Award from Katalin Novák


On Tuesday, President Katalin Novák handed over a presidential award to the doctoral candidate of the University of Debrecen, Tímea Arnóczki, who completed her studies with excellent results from high school to obtaining her doctorate.

Pursuant to the Act on National Higher Education, the rector of the higher education institution – with the prior consent of the President of the Republic – awards a doctorate with the award “Promotio sub auspiciis praesidentis Rei Publicae” to a person whose performance during his/her studies in secondary school and higher education institution, as well as in doctoral training, is always at the highest level, and also provided outstanding performance during the doctoral degree process – read on

Honorary doctors receive a gold ring with the coat of arms of Hungary upon their inauguration. Since 1990, a total of 54 young Hungarian scientists have been able to finish their studies by receiving the golden ring, most of the recipients of the award from the Hungarian higher education institutions graduated from the University of Debrecen, Tímea Arnóczki being the fifteenth.

Rector Zoltán Szilvássy inaugurated Tímea Arnóczki as an honorary doctor on Tuesday, November 21st, in the Sándor Palace in the presence of President Katalin Novák. The young mathematician was born in Nyíregyháza in 1994. She attended elementary school and high school in Vásárosnamény. She began her university studies in 2013 at the University of Debrecen’s bachelor’s degree in mathematics, and then graduated with honors from the master’s degree in applied mathematics, majoring in financial mathematics.

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