The handover of the University of Debrecen to the foundation may also bring downsizing

It can be heard from more and more sources that the University of Debrecen – together with the University of Szeged – may be under the control of a private foundation from 1 August this year. The university, which is still a public institution, responded to the rumors in a concise statement and would like […]

The University of Debrecen may be reserved by a foundation

From the first of August, the universities of Debrecen and Szeged could be under private foundation control. A Hungarian employee of the University of Debrecen told Magyar Orange that the dean’s council of the institution had been convened a few days ago, and the rector explained that the concrete plans would be completed within a […]

The 3.4 billion learning center in Debrecen will be ready by summer 2021

The construction of the Learning Center on Dóczy Street is proceeding according to the schedule. The three-storey facility is expected to be completed next spring, as a modern multifunctional learning center of the University of Debrecen, and it will be an important venue for both domestic and foreign students – the press office of the […]