Are We in Danger? – Battery Factory in Göd Pollutes the Environment to an Alarming Degree

Based on air pollution data, the Samsung factory in Göd released an extremely large amount of 88 tons of toxic solvents into the air between 2019 and 2022, Átlátszó revealed. They write that both the amount of toxic substances emitted by the factory and the tests within the factory prove that the company is unable […]

The legendary Debrecen electric locomotive was renovated

The tram number 203, better known as the “frog”, was renovated by the enthusiastic and helpful employees of DKV Zrt. during the past months. The corroded plates, headlights and rear-view mirror were replaced on the assembly, the necessary carpentry work was performed, and the vehicle’s pantograph was renovated. The locomotive was repainted after priming, and […]

Bishop Károly Fekete, Sole Advocate for the Resignation of Zoltán Balog, Prayed for the Victims in Debrecen

On Wednesday, only Károly Fekete, the bishop of the Tiszántúli Reformed Church District, requested the resignation of Reformed bishop Zoltán Balog, who was involved in the pardon scandal of the Fidesz government. Balog, who won a sympathy vote on Tuesday, finally resigned on Friday – with some delay. In the Great Church on Sunday morning, […]