There will be an Advent light tram in Debrecen again this year, here is the schedule

Even if there isn’t a large number of candle lighters, Advent trams will still run in Debrecen at the end of the epidemic year. KCSV 502 and CAF 528 trams run in festive robes from the first Sunday of Advent to the Epiphany. Due to the virus situation, the lights will not be switched on […]

The heart of Debrecen was set up in the Kenézy Hospital

The heart of Debrecen made of gingerbread was set up this year at the Gyula Kenézy Hospital at the Epidemiological section where Coronavirus patients are being treated, with this symbolic step I would like to express the support of the citizens of Debrecen for healthcare workers – announced the mayor of Civisváros on Friday.

An entrepreneur tried to pull down those in need in Debrecen – The municipality was indignant

The local government of the City of Debrecen is outraged by the fact that some people want to make a profit out of those in need – said the local government’s statement. The Office has been notified that in the social media a tender writer would help to apply for support from the City of […]

Professor of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Debrecen, received prestigious recognition

Ferenc Markhot awarded a commemorative medal to Róbert Póka, a professor at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the University of Debrecen, who received professional recognition for his outstanding work, teaching and scientific activities in Eger on Wednesday.

1650 kilos of potatoes were distributed to families and the elderly in a difficult situation in Debrecen

Thanks to the offer of an individual entrepreneur, Dániel Barcza, the Debreceni Karitatív Testület distributed a total of 1,650 kilograms of potatoes to families and the elderly in Debrecen who were in a difficult situation due to coronavirus, for a total value of HUF 200,000. The donation was divided into 110 packages of 15 kilograms […]